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Photo Set

Brittany was a blast to shoot! She’s the type that will take a sweater, sew some different buttons on the back or shoulders, or wear a dress backwards, just anything in the name of fashion! She’s very creative like that… So when she said she wanted me to style her & take some pics I jumped at the opportunity! The dress she’s wearing is a forever 21 piece she likes to wear backward… freaked me out a little at first honestly, but when we threw the blue textured tights on with it and added the anorak Kenneth Cole jacket, threw on some jewelry, it all worked together… 

It was extra windy that day but that made it perfect for the shoot! Her hair blowing in the wind with the collar up on her jacket just made it sizzle! Here are some shoots I did… ENJOY! 


Inspiration can come from almost anything you see or hear, I draw my inspiration from many different sources but there are a few people in mind that have always sparked an interest;

  • Sarah Jessica Parker


Her unique style of dressing has always put her at the top of my list! Yes I fell in love with her on Sex and the City but I’ve grown to appreciate her as a fashion icon. I was also very impressed with her line Bitten and still own a few pieces.

  • Kim Kardashian

Can I just say I love this girl!! She came out known for a horrible sex tape and became a fashion icon!! Take that Ray J! lol! But all jokes aside she can work it better then most models on the runway. Her signature piece has to be a blazer! She’s always seen in one and looks amazing in them! 

  • Victoria Beckham 

Constantly pushes the envelope with her right off the runway looks that could KILL! She is still and will always be Posh Spice for a reason! 

  • Beyonce

  • Rihanna

  • even 9 year old Lil Willow has been inspiring me lately lol!

But it’s not just the celebs that peek interest I have several very fashionable friends and family members that keep me in the “know”

Ashley is my closest friend and she is always on the scene and looking FEROSH doing it!! She combines uptown classy chic with urban wear and I love it! She can be ready in 20 mins flat, accessories and all! Lol! She’s also my fashion stylist, hey we all need one! Follow Her on Twitter @SocialiteDC

Tiffany is my laid back chill chick, she’s the type that can toss on a tee shirt with a colorful bra, nice jeans and pumps and kill it!!! With her petite shape, small feet and an eye for barging she’s fortunate to find articles most wouldn’t! Follow her @tiffero

Anne is my LA chick and I love her west coast style! She can add the perfect blend of downtown urban with a uptown boutique style! Loves it!! I think my favorite is her at work wear! Follow her @peppa_anne

Jazzmyn is my good girl gone bad chick! She’s always gonna be a Jordan’s girl but for now you can find her in the latest heels KILLIN’M!! Follow her @jaiiluv22 

Last but certainly not least is my girl Tamikia with her Pretty Pearl Swag! She reminds me that we are women and we should dress and act a certain way if we want to be addressed as such! Follow her @Hisblueprint19

Of course there are many many more but these few women have impressed me time and time again! Thanks ladies!!