Anyone who knows me knows I can eat! Doesn’t matter if I just ate and not even hungry, I’ll eat… #teamfatty… lol! But I don’t just stuff my face with anything, I enjoy a good meal surrounded by good conversation, with people I love. Nothing brings people together like great food right?! These past few weeks I’ve been introduced to two great places, Georgia Brown’s in Washington DC and Uncle Julio’s in Woodbridge, VA. I’ve never been to Georgia Brown’s but I’d heard a lot about their food and was super excited when my girl Tiffany wanted to celebrate her birthday there! I had the Crab Cake Stuffed Shrimp… I’m still drooling over here and it’s been two weeks since we’ve gone! Lol! Outstanding is an understatement! Now Uncle Julio’s… I went when they first opened up and didn’t really know what to get, (matter of fact I can’t even remember what I got) but thanks to my bestie Tamikia I now know their Fajita’s for two is all I need! Steak, Chicken and Lobster! Yum Yum Yum DELICIOSO *Dora* follow that up with a swirl Margarita and you’ll walk out doing a Happy Dance! Well I did at least… #dontjudgeme… Anywho here are some shots I took with my Canon EOS 50D! Enjoy :D