A Salute to my favorite trend, the military inspired style. 

Above, from left: Fall 2010 military runway looks from Burberry Prorsum, Wayne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Burburry Prorsum, Marc by Marc Jacobs, photos courtesy of the designers.

 ( http://www.refinery29.com/salute-fall-2010s-military-trend.php

For me this is not a new trend, seeing how fashion always repeats itself, I can remember back to 2002 being in high school when the wave first hit me. The first person I noticed rocking the “look” was J-Lo in her Jenny from the block video, she wore some cargo pants with a tight tank top, Manolo Blahnik timberland inspired boots and this girl right here feel in love! Back then everything was extra tight and I was a little plumb not to mention my mother wasn’t playing that anyway so seeing someone famous wearing basically baggy pants was a gift from the fashion God’s! I immediately went all in rocking the military inspired boots, pants and jackets, military green and tan became my favorite colors! Fast forward to 2010 the look has evolved into a more grown up look, the anoraks, sweaters and shirts with the details of a purple heart winner, the laced boots that go past a basic uniform and skinny cargo’s make it almost impossible to mess the look up! The coats are more detailed with pleats and buttons, a real “ready for war in Russia” style. I’m sure soon enough the wave will end but you’ll always see a hint here and there of the style, but until then I’m gonna enjoy every minute of my favorite trend being seen everywhere!