"*The future of fashion should be free and fun! Don’t be afraid to get creative! That’s what I’m doing. You can’t please all, so go for it!!*"


Today it was in the 50’s & I was loving every minute of it! The sidewalks were literally covered ice two days ago… crazy right?! So I decided have some fun & mix in some of my more chic pieces with my chill gear.

  The Dets

Shirt  - Armani Exchange $98

(a little pricy but it was my bday so I treated myself) 

Vest - Charlotte Russe $25

Jeans - American Eagle $49.50

     (part of a 2 for $99 deal… #SCORE)

Boots - Steve Madden $88

G-Shock - $0 borrowed from my husband 

Scarf - Club Monaco $45

Necklace - Charlotte Russe $15

I had the gold buttons added to jazz up the boots a bit… You like?!? 

That was my “Idk what to do but smile” face 


Who else is as excited as ME?!?! I for one cannot wait til they debut this line! Not that I’m not a fan of their line for BeBe but uh… it can get a little pricey… even for me! Since I have a love for finding nice clothes at affordable prices I almost did a happy dance when I heard about the new line! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Kardashian’s and their success, it’s not easy being successful and beautiful but they make it look like a walk in the park. The line will include about 40 apparel pieces, 20 lingerie styles, 60 jewelry items, 30 handbags and wallets, 25 hats and gloves and 12 shoe choices that reflect the sisters taste. The Kardashian Kollection will target consumers ages 17-35 and is said to hit the stores by Aug 2011! Hope you’ll be Keeping up with the Kardashians til then :) 

Don’t you just love them?!?! 


Tell me about it, stud….

These are the Lorissa peep toe pumps by Sam Edelman and I find them extremely SEXY!!! The stud detail scream “I can’t be f*cked with” while the nude color and lady-like style tones it down a little (They also come in light blue, black leather, black suede, off white, grey and truffle)

Rock these with a tight tee, skinny jeans and a leather jacket minimal jewelry (the shoes say enough) OR step out of the box and pair them with a dress! 

Sam Edelman Lorissa Peep Toe Pump $200 found on Piperlime.com 



Soooooooo I got an early Christmas Gift!! My husband knows how much I love taking pictures, and I misplaced my camera so he got me a Canon EOS 50D!!

I was so excited I cried…. literally! I’ve been taking pictures and spending my last dime on film since I was in middle school and he knows how much I absolutely love capturing the moment…*tear* (yes I’m still crying #dontjudgeme) Thank you Joe!!! This is my new toy and I can’t wait to take a class and really learn how to use it and all the features! Best Gift EVER!!!!!!! 

Here are some shots that I took just messing around….

That’s my husband, Joe <3 


A Salute to my favorite trend, the military inspired style. 

Above, from left: Fall 2010 military runway looks from Burberry Prorsum, Wayne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Burburry Prorsum, Marc by Marc Jacobs, photos courtesy of the designers.

 ( http://www.refinery29.com/salute-fall-2010s-military-trend.php

For me this is not a new trend, seeing how fashion always repeats itself, I can remember back to 2002 being in high school when the wave first hit me. The first person I noticed rocking the “look” was J-Lo in her Jenny from the block video, she wore some cargo pants with a tight tank top, Manolo Blahnik timberland inspired boots and this girl right here feel in love! Back then everything was extra tight and I was a little plumb not to mention my mother wasn’t playing that anyway so seeing someone famous wearing basically baggy pants was a gift from the fashion God’s! I immediately went all in rocking the military inspired boots, pants and jackets, military green and tan became my favorite colors! Fast forward to 2010 the look has evolved into a more grown up look, the anoraks, sweaters and shirts with the details of a purple heart winner, the laced boots that go past a basic uniform and skinny cargo’s make it almost impossible to mess the look up! The coats are more detailed with pleats and buttons, a real “ready for war in Russia” style. I’m sure soon enough the wave will end but you’ll always see a hint here and there of the style, but until then I’m gonna enjoy every minute of my favorite trend being seen everywhere! 


How was your Thanksgiving?!? Mine was SPECTACULAR!! Spent it with the love of my life, my bestfriend, my husband Joe. With it being Thanksgiving and all I wanted to thank him for being him…. He’s my biggest fan and I love him dearly…. 

This is my husband Joe, I was fortunate to meet the love of my life in high school. He was a friend of my cousin’s father and when I first noticed him I knew he would be mine forever. Unfortunately we met at a funeral (his friend\my cousin’s father) he was in a suit looking oh so good and kind of came from nowhere to hug me and he didn’t even know me (that’s when he had me). Besides his love for shoes, we shared many great qualities together and decided to elope a week after graduation and we’re still happily married six years later. He’s my biggest fan and I would be lost without him; no really I have no sense of direction! Lol! 

 I would describe his style as trendy with a classic twist; he has a relaxed tee shirt look & rocks it as only he could. He loves Ralph Lauren Polo, Gucci, Louis Vuitton (probably more than me…. how right? Lol) but I love how he mixes all those pieces with a pair of gap jeans and look scrumptious! This is my man and I love him & his signature style ;)



Gucci has created a Limited Edition “Decoded” Leather Bomber Jacket to celebrate the release of Jay Z’s highly anticipated autobiography. The high end fashion house has printed the first two pages of the memoir inside this one of a kind jacket, that will be gifted to the legacy. It’s currently on display at Gucci’s flagship store in New York, no word if the jacket will be available to purchase but if it is I know what my husband wants for Christmas. The book hit the stands on Monday and I personally can not wait to get my hands on it! To hear the struggles, trials and tribulations he went thru is sure to be an inspiration to anyone who reads it. The book can be purchased at boarders for $35 but you can get it online for 18.89 & free shipping! Talk about a win win! 


Today’s BEAUTIFUL boot is brought to by Ms Jessica Simpson. 

Say what you want about her but the bitch knows good shoes & her shoes are extremely comfortable FYI 

Perozzi Corset Boot

This superb boot can be found at Dillard’s for $179!! A real steal for a multi-wearable shoe! Shown above as a knee high boot, look below to see it transform into an over the knee boot. A trend seen all over the runways this fall!


I absolutely LOVE the corset detail on the calf, it adds extreme sexiness!



Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale


Check out Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale!!  There are some serious steals (I plan to take advantage)!!!

Source: youngthriftyandthriving