"There is nothing more comfortable than a caterpillar and nothing more made for love than a butterfly. We need dresses that crawl and dresses that fly." 



Hey there! Since I’m a freelance photographer I wanted to get a new blog focusing more on photos so I’ve moved to http://bchiquephotography.com/ I’ll still be on here from time to time but you can catch all my recent (and not so recent) photos there! See you on the other site! :D 


& he is NOT a happy camper! lol! 

On Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting my first baby & boy let me tell you… it was an experience to say the least… He was a tad bit cranky, didn’t want to smile & would not get off mommy’s boob the whole time! (Who could blame him… they looked so comfy.. lol) We did however manage to get a few good shots in, thank goodness! Mommy knew exactly what to do to calm him down… for about 3 mins… yeah quite the experience! But it was a learning adventure! I’m bound to take more baby pictures (God willing) and this is going to happen from time to time and it was wonderful having one of my closest and oldest friends be my first… Thank you Shannon and baby Kingston! Can’t wait to do it again!! :D 

Precious Moments…. 

He FINALLY smiled :) 

Had to get a Polo outfit shot! 


Young, Thrifty, & Thriving partnered with BChique takes on Alessandra Ambrosio...


Back at it again! With the help of my friend BChique’s fashion styling expertise, I was able to dupe the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio’s (Victoria’s Secret model) grunge look for under $200 (see add’l photos for the under $150 look).

If you are looking for a fashion stylist, please contact…

Source: youngthriftyandthriving
Photo Set

Shooting & styling Noodie was such a pleasure! She’s the type of girl who is so beautiful she doesn’t need a lot to work with! She;s inspiring to be a model so I told her we can take some shoots! Since she has the face of an angel I wanted to grunge her up a bit… heavy black eyes, dirty looking clothes (but not really) and a old setting background. My husband found this spot right around the corner and it was perfect, like a graveyard for construction trucks…. I loved shooting her here because it brought out all of her features, I was instantly drawn into her eyes… gorgeous! 

Photo Set

Brittany was a blast to shoot! She’s the type that will take a sweater, sew some different buttons on the back or shoulders, or wear a dress backwards, just anything in the name of fashion! She’s very creative like that… So when she said she wanted me to style her & take some pics I jumped at the opportunity! The dress she’s wearing is a forever 21 piece she likes to wear backward… freaked me out a little at first honestly, but when we threw the blue textured tights on with it and added the anorak Kenneth Cole jacket, threw on some jewelry, it all worked together… 

It was extra windy that day but that made it perfect for the shoot! Her hair blowing in the wind with the collar up on her jacket just made it sizzle! Here are some shoots I did… ENJOY! 

Photo Set

Candice and her daughter Princess Niya…

Niya wanted to dress up in some of Mommy’s jewelry and have a photo shoot at the park! Enjoy! 

Photo Set

Anyone who knows me knows I can eat! Doesn’t matter if I just ate and not even hungry, I’ll eat… #teamfatty… lol! But I don’t just stuff my face with anything, I enjoy a good meal surrounded by good conversation, with people I love. Nothing brings people together like great food right?! These past few weeks I’ve been introduced to two great places, Georgia Brown’s in Washington DC and Uncle Julio’s in Woodbridge, VA. I’ve never been to Georgia Brown’s but I’d heard a lot about their food and was super excited when my girl Tiffany wanted to celebrate her birthday there! I had the Crab Cake Stuffed Shrimp… I’m still drooling over here and it’s been two weeks since we’ve gone! Lol! Outstanding is an understatement! Now Uncle Julio’s… I went when they first opened up and didn’t really know what to get, (matter of fact I can’t even remember what I got) but thanks to my bestie Tamikia I now know their Fajita’s for two is all I need! Steak, Chicken and Lobster! Yum Yum Yum DELICIOSO *Dora* follow that up with a swirl Margarita and you’ll walk out doing a Happy Dance! Well I did at least… #dontjudgeme… Anywho here are some shots I took with my Canon EOS 50D! Enjoy :D 

Photo Set

Who doesn’t love Kim K?! 

How could you not love this girl! She is smart, beautiful, sexy as ever, inspirational… I mean the girls got it all! Despite her past she has made a name for herself in a positive way and that’s not easy when you had something so private leak out! We can all learn a little something from her “yeah I did it, it’s out there but I’m still me” attitude. If you haven’t already read it go get the latest issue of Glamour Magazine, she made me like her even more! 

Photo Set

I don’t know why I love this shirt so much but I DO! Maybe it’s the fact that I love the movie “City of Angels” or maybe it’s the fact that it has a biker girls swag to it or maybe it’s the fact that I feel so sexy wearing it *shrugs* all I knew was it had to be mine! It was a little pricy for a shirt with holes everywhere but I couldn’t help myself it screamed BUY ME!! So I did… don’t judge me… Lol! 

PS Please excuse the background I cropped out the trash but Mac likes to do it’s own thing